Empowering Futures: KFUPM Business School’s Journey


Our Vision: A Beacon of Transformation

At KFUPM Business School, we envision a future where our institution stands as a model business school, casting an impactful shadow on society. A beacon of transformation, our vision extends beyond the confines of our campus, aiming to shape the trajectory of industries, careers, and the very fabric of our community.

Our Mission: Nurturing Excellence

Our mission is rooted in nurturing excellence – excellence that radiates from every graduate, every research endeavor, and every interaction with our community. We are committed to producing graduates who possess not only relevant knowledge and skills but also a fire of leadership that sets them apart as the region’s most sought-after talent. Our research, of the highest quality, resonates within academic circles and influences the business landscape. Through valuable services, we weave a thread of enrichment that strengthens our community’s fabric.

Strategic Goals: Pioneering Progress



The interdisciplinary research center for Finance and Digital Economy (IRC-FDE) has been established as a new research engine at KFUPM Business School.
The center seeks to address grand research questions, for example, how organizations can build sustainable and innovative practices, explore emerging technologies, such as FinTech, blockchain, big data, health informatics, consumer analytics, etc., and develop viable mechanisms for digital platforms, digital society, and digital transformation. On the financial side, research challenges would seek to address topics about measuring risk, performance, and governance practices, regulating financial markets, and leveraging corporate social responsibility as well as tackling Islamic banking’s issues, maintaining financial and economic stability, and building agenda for energy economics. Investigating those topics can advance the nation economy by enabling public and private sectors to reveal the missing pieces for better economic development.

Our Vision:
to be a regional leading research hub that provides scientific knowledge and guidance in the fields of finance and digitalization and their role to enhance the Kingdom’s economic transformation and growth.

Our Mission:
to publish high-quality research across different themes of finance and digital economy, extend bridges to industry and engage as a advising and innovation partner, and foster graduate and undergraduate students and engage them in research process of analytics and financial areas.


Our Vision:
To be a model business school renowned for its profound impact on society.

Our Mission:
We graduate students with relevant knowledge, skills, and leadership potential that make them the most sought after by employers in the region. We produce high quality research that is highly regarded by business scholars. We engage the community in valuable and enriching services.

Strategic Goals:

  • Build an outstanding faculty body with proper representation of Saudis
  • Provide innovative and integrative learning experience to produce globally competitive graduates
  • Improve significantly the research output and quality
  • Provide value adding services to the community
  • Align structure and ensure responsive management systems
  • Enhance competitiveness through image and brand building
  1. Building a Resonant Faculty

Our first strategic goal envisions an outstanding faculty body, a diverse tapestry where Saudi voices find representation. In this academic ensemble, knowledge transcends boundaries, and innovation is nurtured. Through this, we not only enrich education but also empower voices that drive transformation.

  1. Elevating Learning Experiences

The second goal champions innovation and integration in learning. We craft an environment where learning transcends the mundane and becomes an immersive experience. Here, graduates are groomed to be global contenders, possessing not just skills but the wisdom to navigate an ever-evolving business landscape.

  1. Illuminating the Path of Research

Our third goal commits to a significant elevation in research quality and output. We strive to contribute impactful research that shapes business thought and practices. Through our studies, we aim to illuminate uncharted territories, leaving a trail for future generations to follow.

  1. Catalyzing Community Impact

The fourth goal entwines us with our community, providing services that create ripples of value. Our expertise extends beyond the classroom, engaging with industries and enterprises to drive progress and prosperity.

  1. Structure and Synergy

Our fifth goal calls for alignment and responsive management systems. Structure becomes the scaffold upon which we construct change, ensuring our efforts harmoniously resonate with our mission and vision.

  1. Shaping Perception and Building Brand

Our final goal embarks on the journey of perception and brand building. As we enhance our image, we also enhance our competitiveness. The KFUPM Business School brand becomes synonymous with excellence, innovation, and a commitment to driving societal impact.

Join the Journey!

Welcome to KFUPM Business School, where vision shapes reality, mission fuels progress, and strategic goals guide our path. We invite you to be part of our journey, where education, research, and community converge to create a symphony of transformation. Together, we empower futures, redefine industries, and create a legacy that resonates through generations.